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Oxy-Gen Dispenser

Oxy-Gen Powered technology is a clean source of power, producing continuous levels of intense fragrance that contain no propellants, solvents or CFCs- just natural scent.

  • Deliver consistent and continuous levels of fragrance and odour control for the full life of each refill- 60 Days.
  • The oxy-gen dispenser uses neutrolox, a proprietary odor neutralizing agent to eliminate, not mask, any bad odors.
  • Vented sides for effective fragrance dispersal
  • Visual light indicators: provide refills and battery replacement reminders
  • Silent operation
  • Works against gravity so the fragrance oil won’t pool or leak

Item: Air Freshener Dispenser
Name: OxyGen Dispenser
Available Colours: White
Available Refills: Glow and Tang
Dimensions: 3” x 3” x 5.5”


Metered Air Freshener Dispenser

Ensures that areas are always odor free and completely eliminate unpleasant odors in a (6,000 cubic foot area or feet x feet). If room is larger in size, recommend more dispensers

  • Contains no C.F.C’s (chlorofluorocarbon) – environmentally friendly.
  • Air freshener sprays approximately 3,000 metered sprays. After 3,000 sprays the unit automatically shuts off – protecting the unit from overworking. Motor powered by (2) D-cell batteries.
  • Sprays go off at timed intervals which can be set accordingly. Ensuring adequate amount of fragrance is released. Thus, not overpowering or fading of fragrance.
  • Depending on spray times set – can yield 3 to 6 months use. Spray times can be set for either 5days per week or 7 days per week.

Item: Air Freshener Dispenser
Name: Metered Air Freshener
Available Colours: White
Dimensions: 9” x 3” x 3”
Available Refills: Odour Neutralizer, Monterey Vanilla, Coronado Cherry, Desert Jasmine, Caribbean Mango, Citrus Splash, Cinnamon Apple and Fresh Linen